ZPower’s Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Help Veterans and Environment

Touring the ZPower Facility

One of Ventura County’s fastest-growing employers is making a name for itself with rechargeable microbattery products, and its work is not going unnoticed.

Rep. Julia Brownley toured ZPower, a Camarillo-based battery manufacturer, on Thursday afternoon to survey the work the company does for veterans. ZPower’s primary clientele is hearing aid manufacturers. The company creates rechargeable microbatteries that can power certain kinds of hearing aids, which typically run on disposable batteries.

Phasing out disposable batteries in hearing aids is an environmentally friendly and convenient option for those with hearing loss, according to ZPower CEO Ross Dueber, a retired Air Force major. Read the VC Star article here. 

CEO Ross Duber Gives Julia Brownley a tour of ZPower

Find out more about the ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids:

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