ZPower Reveals New Look as it Grows Capital, Expands Products and Markets

CAMARILLO, CA—February 26, 2019—ZPower, the leading manufacturer of rechargeable silver-zinc microbatteries, is expanding its market focus after a successful 2018 in which it helped bring rechargeability to the mainstream for hearing aids and successfully launched innovative products in the medical and consumer electronics markets. ZPower grew substantially last year, expanding into two additional facilities and doubling its production floor space, while receiving $30M of new investment to meet demand.

As power demands for miniaturized devices expand exponentially, ZPower is uniquely positioned to help commercialize next-gen hearables, wearables and portable electronics for consumer, medical, and military needs with the most energy-dense, safe microbatteries on the market.

“While the silver-zinc chemistry has been in use for decades with NASA and military applications, our dedicated research has advanced the technology, miniaturizing it without the loss of energy density and developing a patented charging method that enables hundreds of charge cycles without significant decline in performance,” said Ross Dueber, CEO of ZPower. “This breakthrough introduced small-scale rechargeable power in ways that weren’t previously possible while eliminating the safety and transportation concerns associated with lithium-ion technology. It’s positioned ZPower as an innovator and enabler in advanced miniature power solutions.”

In support of this expansion, ZPower has also embarked on a brand evolution to better align with its expanded market focus. The company has already begun rolling out new brand assets and plans to launch a new website in early Q2.

“We’re excited about the future and have great confidence in our ability to help bring innovative new products to life, as we continue to increase energy density in our microbatteries,” said Anson Martin, Chief Commercial Officer. “Brands are meant to evolve, and our brand evolution will reflect our journey and what lies ahead. It signifies our progression into a mature and professional organization that’s in line with the caliber of businesses we currently work with and our future customers.”