ZPower featured on The Discovery Channel Tech Report

Discovery Channel Tech Report

Rechargeable batteries are a smart and eco-friendly alternative to regular disposable batteries. One company leading the way in rechargeable battery solutions is ZPower. ZPower specifically develops rechargeable silver-zinc batteries for miniature battery applications. In fact, they are the only company in the world that makes miniature silver-zinc batteries.

These batteries are stable, non-flammable, and safe in everything from medical equipment to wearable applications. Silver-zinc technology was even used by NASA during an Apollo mission. How many companies can claim that? One of their premier products is the ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids. This is the only rechargeable battery with all-day power, compatible with most advanced hearing aids on the market. Here’s how it works. Patients bring their hearing aids to their Provider who can then switch out the existing battery door and replace it with the ZPower Battery System. Now the way it usually works with any standard hearing aid battery is you typically need to change the battery about 1 to 2 times per week. but with ZPower you never have to worry about handling batteries again – they are changed once per year by your provider. As I said, they’re rechargeable, so here’s how you keep them charged. At night place the entire hearing aid on the ZPower charging station. After about 3 to 4 hours it will be fully charged and will stay that way the entire day. Now they are also recyclable so a single pair of recycled ZPower batteries can replace over 200 disposables. Just another way they are environmentally friendly. Now while the ZPower battery works like a dream in hearing aids they are currently looking for other applications that would benefit from a high energy density, micro-rechargeable battery.

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You can find out more about these rechargeable batteries and how to get started using them by going to zpowerbattery.com today.