ZPower® Announces Collaboration with Bernafon

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ZPower, the world’s only developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc microbatteries, announces its collaboration with Bernafon to offer a rechargeable battery solution for their Zerena product line. Zerena can now easily be turned into a rechargeable hearing device with the introduction of the ZPower rechargeable system.

ZPower batteries offer hearing aid wearers the confidence of all-day power and the flexibility to interchange ZPower batteries with zinc-air disposable batteries. Additionally, ZPower batteries are safe, non-flammable and recyclable; no other rechargeable battery on the market today can provide this combination of features and benefits.

“It is exciting for us see the burgeoning success of rechargeable hearing aids in the marketplace,” said Sara Sable-Antry, VP of Sales and Marketing at ZPower. “It has been our mission to use ZPower’s innovative silver-zinc battery technology to improve the quality of life of hearing aid wearers, and now, with the launch of the rechargeable Zerena, more patients will benefit from the convenience that rechargeable hearing aids provide.”

“The ZPower rechargeable batteries offer a very attractive option to current and future Bernafon Zerena users,” said Bruno Keller, Sr. Director of Marketing & Channel Support at Bernafon. “This flexible solution bodes well with the seamless, boundless hearing performance that Bernafon Zerena offers anytime, anywhere.”

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To learn more about the rechargeable Zerena, visit Zerana rechargeable