Calling All Undergraduate Engineers – ZPower Announces 2018 Battery Bowl Design Challenge with $25K Prize

Battery Bowl 2018ZPower invites all U.S. undergraduate engineering students to participate in its 2nd Annual Battery Bowl Design Challenge, an engineering competition where qualifying applicants develop and prototype a small product or device that makes the best use of ZPower’s rechargeable microbattery technology. The winner (individual or team) takes home $25,000.

ZPower will accept one-page summaries of proposed devices from January 15, 2018 through March 15, 2018. From there, 20 applicants will be selected to go on to the second phase of the competition, which is to design and build their device or product. Three finalists will then have the opportunity to present their designs to the judges at ZPower headquarters in Camarillo, Calif. The winner will be announced no later than July 20, 2018.

ZPower silver-zinc rechargeable microbatteries provide the highest energy density for their size compared to other rechargeable options and are capable of hundreds of recharges throughout their lifetime without significant loss of energy. They are also recyclable, non-toxic and non-flammable.

Last year’s winners were Quyen Hoang and Carl Demolder from the University of California, San Diego, mentored by Amit Moran, Ph.D., and Professors Tina Ng and Hari Garudadri. Hoang and Demolder used ZPower silver-zinc rechargeable batteries to power an innovative and much-needed medical device called Handske., a spasticity evaluation tool designed to assist doctors and therapists in the monitoring and treatment of patient spasticity over time, as well as gauge the efficacy of drug and physical therapies. Spasticity, which is currently incurable, refers to involuntary muscle contractions in the hands, arms and legs of patients suffering the side effects of multiple sclerosis, stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage and/or cerebral palsy.  To learn more about Hanske visit Battery Bowl Winner.

Battery Bowl Design Challenge

According to team mentor, Tina Ng, the competition was a great experience for her students that offered a number of benefits to participants outside of the cash prize. “The Battery Bowl Design Challenge is a big motivational event for the students to apply their engineering knowledge to build and gain hands-on design experience,” she said. “The competition process was great, with sufficient time in the second stage for the team to improve on their initial concepts. I definitely will encourage my students to participate in future competitions.”

“This competition is a useful way to spread the word about the merits of silver-zinc batteries, but more so, we wanted to support the next generation of innovators in their efforts to improve society with their ideas and designs,” said Ross Dueber, president and CEO of ZPower. “As engineers ourselves, the ZPower team wouldn’t exist without the support of our educational institutions, our mentors and the opportunities we were afforded on our academic journeys to experiment, innovate and learn by doing.”

Battery Bowl Design Challenge

Click here to learn more about the 2018 ZPower Battery Bowl and download pdf.