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You can get them all over the place. World Nomads provides travel insurance for travelers in over 100 countries. So is Puerto Vallarta safe to visit right now? De que hablas. The idea of the vacationers was to meet in Fluvial Vallarta , in that the criminal group thwarted the meeting, as reported. Find out! El Dorado Penthouse Condo #501. demand for drugs has brought competing cartels to the region, Elliot Blair died under suspicious circumstances. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. No He is for real? There are loads of people to meet, a ton of activities to get involved with, food to eat, restaurants and cafes to visit, bars to drink at. Local media have blamed the attack on the Jalisco New General Cartel (CJNG), which is active in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta, formerly Las Peas, city and chief port of Jalisco estado (state), west-central Mexico. Though, Mexico is far from the safest place to drive with road accidents being one of the leading causes of death. "El Mayo:The last Boss". Im going to give you a heads up on some of the most common scams. The Jalisco Cartel and the Santa Rosa de Lima gang have been fighting a bloody turf war for control of Guanajuato that has made it the deadliest state in Mexico. Is Puerto Vallarta Safe. Theres a strong sense of local community and family which attracts many new neighbors. The Jalisco State Prosecutor's Office (FEJ) confirmed that it possibly found the lifeless body of businessman Jos Felipe Tom Velzquez, who was deprived of his liberty on Sunday, November 22, when he was . Local police provided first-aid after finding the sailors. En ves de ayudar al Pueblo, empiorezen la situacion. Lover of the extreme and excellent friend , this is how his friends remember him. Inside the arrivals terminal, you can find licensed taxis. Please be extra vigilant and AVOID nighttime driving. CJNG cheerleaders will justify Menchos cartel killing a 60 year old woman, butchering a 17 year old school girl, murdering a judge and his wife in front of their children, blowing up a kid and his father, and the list goes on. The Puerto Vallarta attack initially recalled memories of the 2011 kidnapping of 20 vacationing men from Michoacn in the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco. Allegedly the pharmacist was a halcon and him and solin got into a fist fight, after that CJNG was alerted. Officials in the Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta moved to reassure tourists Tuesday after up to 16 customers were abducted by gunmen from an upscale restaurant. Its a safe and fun place; its the perfect place to push yourself outside of your comfort zone a little bit. "Violent crimesuch as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robberyis widespread and common in Mexico," warns the State Department. Among the projects he has carried out are Plaza Galeras, Cima Real, Central Park Guadalajara, Central Park Quertaro, Citi Tower, Plaza Pabelln, Peninsula Tower Puerto Vallarta, Peninsula Santa Fe in Mexico City, La Isla in Acapulco, Bolongo and San Pancho in the Riviera Nayarit area . If they ran PV, Chapos sons would have been kidnapped, right? You can hire taxis easy enough. Talk about a video and don't give a website..Where's the video of an angry pharmacist?? Two former police officers from that municipality are facing trial for the disappearance of two men in June 2020, who were last seen at a gas station in Acatic. When the press first reported the story, state authorities said the tourists werent missing because their families didnt file a police report and that there was no evidence regarding a kidnapping. In 2020 Mexico had the highest number of homicides in the country's history, there were 17,439 murders, . Mazatln Carnival: How much was spent and recovered? Kazquillo @youtube check out my news from mexico. Writing in thenewspaper El Universal, security analyst Alejandro Hope said that a mass kidnapping such as that which apparently occurred in Puerto Vallarta can only happen if there is complicity between criminal groups and and government security forces. Over the years, authorities have found hundreds of bodies inside illegal mass graves. Termina tu da bien informado con las notas ms relevantes con este newsletter, Copyright Todos los derechos reservados | EL UNIVERSAL, Compaa Periodstica Nacional. So visiting these tourist areas in Puerto Vallarta is safe, but pay particular attention to your valuables. The club de Len has problems en 2009 on this trip so maybe they pay other criminales for safety and someone tells another mafia where they can take them to sell back to the familys. You all talk about a video "circulating" Well where is it because Chivis etc has not mentioned it???? FAQs about Staying Safe in Puerto Vallarta, 6 million people visited Puerto Vallarta in 2022, push yourself outside of your comfort zone, road accidents being one of the leading causes of death. Law abiding ppl in Mexico are traveling to other states every day for business and pleasure and most the time they have no issues. Sources told Reforma that criminals, allegedly members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), were aware that the Guanajuato men were traveling through Jalisco and were waiting for them in Puerto Vallarta. whatever that devil said can not be but garbage, he was a coward, and now he is where he must be, burning with legions, I meant el lazca, but they are the same. February 12 2023 11:47 AM EST. Thought we already knew, que en Mexico la vida no vale nada. Sols said some of the dead mans relatives had criminal backgrounds. They arrived in a caravan of 14 people in SUVs and ATVs from Guanajuato. Edited November 2, 2020 by Vegas_nw1982. What happens in Jalisco impacts Guanajuato and vice versa. Though please note tourists have very little to see in these areas anyway. These peoples are of Len and not SRL and peoples from bajo de Mexico knows this is true for how they look. They appear healthy with skin white. Mr.Emotional, 1102 maybe like in your favorite novelas they get released when they fuck up but not in the real world, or unless it's just the same people disciplining they're own. Your laptop deserves a proper pack, and we know a good few! Better yet, Uber is safe in Puerto Vallarta. Jalisco state prosecutor Gerardo Octavio Sols said one member of the group of men visiting the resort from Guanajuato escaped the July 18 attack, in which one of the tourists was killed by a gunshot. Homicide cases, for example, grew 66.6%, while kidnappings grew by 50%, according to data from the State Attorney's Office. The survivor said many of the abducted men had been taken to a house in Puerto Vallarta, held there, and most were later released. 6:24 PM This isn't the US and Criminal Organizations run the show in Mexico. But this article is written for savvy travellers from the perspective of savvy travellers. Government of Mazatln analyzes promoting the game of Ulama in the city. Yes. Joaqun traveled with his friends , according to the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office, there were between 13 and 14 men . Kidnapping of businessman in Vallarta left 1 dead and 2 injured. Travelling to Puerto Vallarta is actually super cool as a solo female traveler. The State Department is urging U.S. citizens to reconsider or even avoid travel to parts of Mexico including Jalisco state, home to top queer destination Puerto Vallarta over increased crime and kidnappings in the region. All rights reserved. Proof that the area is under surveillance by CJNG hitmen was the kidnapping of four tourists in July 2020. Wtfack lol. PUERTO VALLARTA Mexico (Agencies) - According to reports, the group conformed mostly of small businessmen were traveling from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta; the group was intercepted by alleged members of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG). Sleeps 4 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. The familys do not speak to peridicos or gob or they will be dead. Puerto Vallarta is one of the safer areas of Mexico to travel to. Is Puerto Vallarta Safe for Solo Female Travelers? When you're being emotional and asking for mercy on these criminals. The other members of the group disappear, says Hope. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); Yes, Puerto Vallarta is a safe place to visit right now. And yes, there may be a bit of a party thing going on here. Even if he was guilty of doing donuts at an intersection it's still no good reason to execute the guy pick him up, throw him in jail for a month and call it a day. Last September, when the [] Chales Santa Rosa. Here, you will find safety knowledge and advice for travelling Puerto Vallarta. A native of Jalisco, Moscote finished fourth in the Seville Marathon on Sunday with a time of 2 hours, 24 minutes and 53 seconds. At least 10 of the abducted men were also businessmen, according to Reforma. . Tides, currents, even things like jellyfish, are all things to watch out for. Pay extra attention to other drivers and pedestrians. , The events in Puerto Vallarta are not a minor matter. Between the pandemic, cultural division, and a click-bait media, it can be hard to maintain what is truth and what is sensationalism. Updated January 3, 2023. The idea of the vacationers was to meet in Fluvial Vallarta , however, the intervention of the criminal group thwarted the meeting. Or so you just want a few tips? Download Historical Data. Now airport taxis. In the resort town of Puerto Vallarta, 29-year-old Jesus Alfredo Guzmn and five other men were kidnapped by armed assailants on Monday. Puerto Vallarta. Away from the hustle and bustle of Carnival, how about a trip to Durango. On the other hand, Reforma said that in the area, local authorities found businessman, Joaqun Alba, who died later in a hospital, injured. 2:26 am its a video were a razer is doing circles on a intersection theres a stop sight on view reads ALTO its the only video out there of a razer going crazy lol I dont know what to call what he is doing he just guns it then stops and repeats lol seams like when someone is mad at the wife M. Pinches ojetes took that shit too far. Over the years they added to commercial and housing developments, the construction of mixed-use complexes. The City Council denied that there was a kidnapping levantn. Basically, tourists without a care in the world are easy targets for scammers. Joaqun, who tried to escape a mass kidnapping in Puerto Vallarta was shot in the back and killed, had several registered addresses in Santa Rosa de Lima, Guanajuato. Beachfront Old Town Puerto Vallarta Condo Rental. A research team from the University of Guadalajara is racing to save the famed islands' Giant Daisy Tree from extinction from blackberries.