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Right now I have just over 77K miles with no lifter problems Knock on wood I am thinking of the AFM disabler. The lifter seems to recharge whenever the truck sits for some time. Install ls3 valley cover. Deactivating cylinders at light load forces the throttle valve be opened more fully to create constant power, and allows the engine to breathe easier. Runs better than new now and no more oil consumpsion!! I have a 2011 Chevy Tahoe with the 5.3 Gen 4 LS (VIN Code 0) and I bought a CAM motion DOD/AFM delete kit, 3 bolt drop in CAM Motion stage 2 camshaft, VVT delete kit and finally a Diablo Predator 2 Premium for GM programmer. Brian, I have the same question as Scott. Stop-start cylinder deactivation, direct injection, variable valve timing, thermal management, and continuously variable oil pump; are just some of the Silverado features of . I have an 08 Suburban that is currently getting the lifters replaced a second time within a three month span. In 2010, GM added a deflector (p/n) NAL-12639759 to redirect in into the pan. bought at Brian Tooley Racing ! My 2013 LC9 just had #6 lifter fail, got a misfire code but the ticking gave it away. I got the AMF disabler anyway and so far so good. When cylinders are deactivated, the number of crankshaft rotation increases between firing pulses. With 40000 As GM issued 13 updatesnone of which workeddealers disabled the system on their customers' cars, leaving them permanently in V-8 mode. It depends on the failure mode of the lifter however, certainly worth a try. A bad lifter can be a minor repair if you get it fixed immediately after you hear an issue. With the nipple, or without? Why does GM's cylinder deactivation cause lifter failure? In four-cylinder mode, they act like air springs and allow for smooth operation. My dad ended up running seafoam through it and some transmission fluid, changed the oil pressure sensor which I definitely think was bad and also cleaned out the little screen and he said it was so full of junk and metal scraps. One must anticipate this. Once I get it back, could I install the Disabler safely. This lowers the cost of building it [], [] aluminum block engine. Toyota will be my next truck unless GM owns up and makes wright with consumers. HP tuners is not for someone like me that doesnt know how to use it and from what I read neither the range nor diablo plug and play device will work since the buicks pcm files are different than all other GM vehicles that came with afm because it was tuned in house at gms performance division. GM claims fuel improvements ranging from 5%-15% depending on the engine. Dod is the biggest failure sence the 8-6-4 caddie in 1981. Take a look at what bmw did in its R1250 bike. Per bulletin 10-06-01-0007b, 2007 L92 had first and 2nd design. Disable Active Fuel Management - Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice How did your turn out? According to some experts, switching to cylinder deactivation reduces the emissions high somewhere between 4 and 10%, which is a huge percentage of saving the air from pollution. My local mechanic suggested whatever I buy with an AFM he will send off the ECU to have the AFM flashed out. Our patented technology is the only product that will disable Active or Dynamic Fuel Management without reprogramming the factory ECU. Love the truck. We were getting a code that the cam position sensor was not functioning properly. Carbon Build-Up in the Intake Ports. hi brian when you replace the lifters do you have to change the guides also? I have ordered an ATM disabler and will be putting a can of Textron in the gas at the next fill up. GM Escalates Cylinder Deactivation With Dynamic Fuel - EngineLabs You will be placed in derate if the ECM does not see the correct resistance from the ATF intake. I had a 2007 Yukon XL 5.3 with the AFM. any help? Active Fuel Management - Wikipedia Ive been a Ford guy my whole life, so I was unaware of AFM until a recent trip where I did a lot of highway driving and happened to bring up the real-time mpg display, where I saw it switch between V6 and V4. There is a good chance that some of the drivers side lifters decided to go. On June 4th you stated The vehicles affected were 2007 to Feb. 2011 AFM equipped engines (Aluminum or Iron block-L94, LZ1, L99, LC9, LH6, L76, LFA, LMG, and LY5) I am looking at purchasing a 2012 Tahoe with the LMG per the build sheet. Wow, thanks for the wisdom,, i checked my VIN Code (position #8, M=LH6) and my 2005 Saab 9-7x does have the LH6 motor with iron block, Are you sure its only 2007 & newer motors? I asume low oil pressure cant make some of the DOD lifters to malfunction? Seems my oil pressure sensor is bad, are showing the same oil pressure at all times, even when it dosnt run.Dont know it that fault was there before i replaced the lifters. Replaced the engine with remanufactured one and had the AFM turned off with a computer hooked to the ECU. I am worrking on a 2007 chev Silverado 6.0 engine, [] the L76 that was equipped with AFM and had a ribbed valley cover, the L98 cover was []. That might show up if you cut the filter and looked for debris in the pleats. I would rather stay a V8 full time than deal with AFM issues in the future. Mine did at the exact same time. The LH6 in 2005-06 was a little different than the one used in 2007-09, but both had AFM. Didnt change exhaust nor tune so likely no change in power/torque. Your email address will not be published. Is the Pressure relief valve replaceable? Its got a hundred forty-five thousand miles on it. Should I wait until the warranty runs out, or will that be too late to stop possible damage? the vehicle has 120,000 on it and 30 to 60 psi of oil pressure never lower or higher. It is replaceable.. just remove oil pan and it will be on top at the filter. It could be the filter screen under the oil sending unit. This new lawsuit is essentially identical to the previous. As a side note, Range Technologies recommends removing the disabler between visits to the dealer as they will need to access the OBD-2 port. It will show up as a misfire code in a cylinders 1,4,6, or 7. AFM/DFM Disabler - Range Technology Can you tell me what needs to be done with the VVT? Hopefully he can free up the stuck/collapsed lifter. To do this, you need to leave the AFM solenoid pack connected to ensure no codes are thrown. I am a long time GM fan but after reading how they messed up the 5.3 ( I had a fantastic 2003 Z72 off road) Ill look else ware for my next vehicle. Will this AFM DISABLER damage anything???. http://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/article/91652/ticking-gm-v8-lifters-and-dtc. It is usually first noticed during highway driving. General motors sent out a service bulletins to their dealers however, all dealers will not tell you about the bulletin. So I did the job one more time. Ill Never Ever buy another gm. Disable the afm. Dave, I also have a 2008 LTZ avalanche with 106,000 I have the exact same symptoms at this point I just want to sell it will the disabler help remove the check engine light wont pass inspection with light on thanks for your help Chris. It has AMF. These engines made 270-400 hp from the factory will run smooth as silk for over 300,000 miles (unless you have AFM). All the time. .IMHO . No clue what to do. Plug the tuner into your GM vehicle's OBDII diagnostic port, and follow the instructions provided to update the engine control module's program The new program will make sure that AFM never engages. I also have 08 Burb, but have different symptoms (high oil consumption, blue exhaust smoke at start, and now a really rough start after sitting overnight). Its not GMs choice to use AFM. Pod. I bought a new 2017 Cadillac CTS back in January 3.6L V6 with 8-speed trans. My point is that the engine likely on uses dod a small percentage of the time so can not really imagine that the delete causes any more issue than normal which may be the high oil consumption but do all of these engines with dod consume a lot of oil? If you think GM pioneered cylinder deactivation, guess again It works . 2012 5.3 Tahoe AFM, #4 lifter collapse,replaced all lifters,started engine ran ok, then rough, got #6 misfire code. The market for nonhybrid gasoline-powered vehicles is expected to fall by 20 percent during that time, but with tech like smarter cylinder deactivationin these upcoming GM V-8 trucks, for . Why doesnt anyone make an aftermarket set of replacement AFM lifters that are the right length but DO NOT COLLPASE! When you drain the oil at three to four thousand miles its still clean. What makes you think it was a design flaw ? Your 1981 caddy was your fmu I got glue inside of it and it stuck the potentiometer for stochiometric if you get a new fmu or you pick the glue out of the potentiometer you can set it to stoichiometric and get a lot better fuel mileage as far as your truck why dont you look at the intake manifold I got a crack or a vacuum leak somewhere for gas mileage thank you truck service, Near 1981 its your fmu it has glue inside the potentiometer you have to either RNR it for a new one or pick the glue out of the potentiometer for stochial magic is the only variable resistor inside that you can turn with a screwdriver once you get the glue out of it itll read still kill metric just be careful and then you can set it properly with your own meter on your monitoring your O2 sensor and then on your Silverado thingy your 5.3 just check the intake manifold for lakes Ill get you a better gas mileage if you dont have any intake cuz theyre plastic and they crack and stuff like that other than that yeah thats it, Larry Jenkins, I have a 17 GMC Sierra 6.2 SLT, I got 25 to 27mpg regularly with 93 gas and cylinder deactivation. I would appreciate any feedback. The original version sprayed oil on the cylinder walls and increased oil consumption. The only problem is the extra spray on the cylinder models if a deflector isnt used and this can show up as increased oil consumption. Toyota has their own problems. If a shop pulled a DTC code P0300 and found AFM to be the issue, it may not be too late to try the disabler. Cylinder deactivation--branded Active Fuel Management by GM--shuts off some cylinders when extra power isn't needed, to improve fuel economy. Just shut AFM off. Never did strand me on the side of the road way. I have 1999 5.3 Silverado that gets 19-20 miles to the gallon all the time this shit pile with dod only gets 14 miles to the gallon. Unfortunately, I found out about the lifters too late. Question I have a 2015 Silverado and had a transmission go bad when I had it rebuilt I had the AFM/DOD turned off. 4,7 plugs foul runs rough at idle. The system uses solenoids to deliver oil pressure to control. Battery was unplugged for a week.. Side note, after 200 hundred miles of trouble free driving the transmission failed so we had to replace that too. I did a delete on an 07 avalanche and no have no power, any thoughts on what might be going on? Cylinder misfires (most common sign) Rough idling, poor acceleration, loss of power Check engine light with engine misfire codes Air-to-fuel ratios are either running rich or lean The easiest way to tell that you have an injector problem is through the check engine light and engine codes for misfires. Since no air can get in or out, four cylinders provide no power. This is what I keep telling people. My ignition lock cylinder is completely stuck in lock position with the steering wheel locked as well. Took it to my dads and he tore things apart and found that I had a lifter that was stuck. If buying a tuner/chip which works best for that truck/engine? Basically rebuilt most of the engine while in the vehicle. This should be added to your earlier model if you experience oil consumption. But the problem at that time was the computer technology. TheAFMsystem can be identified by its components. [] For more information on AFM, including a comprehensive guide on how to completely remove it from your engine, check out this article. It uses a M14 x 1.5 thread plug like Dorman 65217. I was looking at the 08 escalade hybrid with dod on its 6.0 so wondering if the delete would contribute to the high oil consumption and therefore would adding the deflector be a good idea. The Tundra fares better but the frame has the rigidity of wet spaghetti and the 5.7 has had problems with VVT solenoids and the plastic timing chain tensioners. One the other hand, it came without AFM, VVT, or flex fuel capability. 2015 SILVERADO 1500 44 crew cab with 5.3L engine: So two weeks ago with approx 70K miles, I had an odd noise when accelerating and then engine light flashing and riding rough. How to Fix GM's Cylinder Deactivation Problems I wii be using this truck to haul a camper for full time RV living and am thinking of a tuner to shut off AFM and maximize performance and economy. In 2015, I purchased a new Tahoe with the AFM and two weeks ago with 71K miles on it, the engine light came on. Hi Mike, the metal shield you noticed is probably the windage tray. Driver reported this occurred suddenly while driving down the highway. Oil 0w or 5w -20 For a primer [], [] cathedral port cylinder heads and used Active Fuel Management (AFM). So now at 168 thousand miles it still runs good but gets bad gass mileage. AFM or active fuel management is a GM/Chevy technology meant to improve gas mileage. If you swapped in a LS9 cam, you will find it makes good power at the very top, but its actually down from 5,000 rpm and lower where the truck spends the majority of its time. She had driven it for a couple of months that way. I know I felt the same way. Its Chrysler and Ford. i currently get 8 mpg with the vortec 350 and a 4l60, I have a 99 Sub k1500 that i get 16 to 18 hwy loaded lightly, I get about 14 on my 95 Tahoe 2 door with 5.7 and 4l60. At this state, a disabler would probably do what you need it to do. He claims that GM used the same engine whether it was or was not equipped with AFM in this year and model? When they are locked into position, they wont wear further and cause issues down the road. Pulled right valve cover an rockers on syl 6 dont move. What type of disabler did you go with? Im confused from the write up about the plug in. Todays computers are faster so it does work. Brian, I repaired a 2012 GMC Yukon Denali as the AFM lifter on #4 I take failed. There is a chance the cam lobe was stressed and started to deteriorate. AFM - active fuel management strategy which deactivates the lifters on specific . I recently bought a 2018 Silverado 5.3L with AFM. Plugs spark fine engine has power at higher RPMs although it is still in Limp mode / stabilitrack message, even after driving it a few times above 60 MPH then clearing errors with handheld programmer. With 40000 If possible, will simply not using VVT provide a powerful,good running engine? 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[]. You may eventually see a check engine light from a misfire code and the ECM dialing everything back to protect your engine. Seems like the AFM disabler device is working for a number of people including myself as the 5.3l AFM engine has inherent design faults. Thankfull for any ideeas! You will get codes thrown if the afm is physically removed without telling the ECM you did so. Regarding the cylinder deactivation impact on fuel consumption . If under the truck while parked and it is doing it it sounds like it is towards the back of motor. Or is the shuddering indicative of failed/failing lifters that need to be replaced before moving forward? It seems this tough engine has everything incorporated into it. https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Discussion-t30884_ds822284. (Bought car 1 day before lifter died!) Active Fuel Management About Gone From 2022 Silverado Lineup - GM Authority Gary, [] 3 engines didnt have AFM (Active Fuel Management) or VVT (Variable Valve Timing), so you dont have the expense of an AFM or VVT delete []. If you already own this engine you will need to deactivate the AFM system or even better DO NOT buy any GM vehicle with this engine. Install the AFM disabler now or wait until my warranty just about to expire to get this AFM issue resolved? Active Fuel Management (formerly known as displacement on demand (DoD)) is a trademarked name for the automobile variable displacement technology from General Motors.It allows a V6 or V8 engine to "turn off" half of the cylinders under light-load conditions to improve fuel economy.Estimated performance on EPA tests shows a 5.5-7.5% improvement in fuel economy. I have a noise in the engine but it seems to go away when revved up. I call it active obama fuel management .A scam . There are a few potential causes for Chevy cylinder deactivation problems, including oil consumption problems, harmful to the environment, sludge issues, and lower cylinder temperatures. He stated if I continued to exceed 4500 RPM it would blow the lifters out. I dont plan on installing the delete kit at this time. They should let us the better mileage. Have not had a problem yet. [] Here is a guide on how to turn off AFM: https://www.onallcylinders.com/2017/11/30/how-to-delete-or-disable-active-fuel-management-afm-on-gm-… [], [] Guide to disabling AFM: https://www.onallcylinders.com/2017/11/30/how-to-delete-or-disable-active-fuel-management-afm-on-gm-… [], [] Here is an article on how to deactivate AFM. 2011 Chevy Avalanche LTZ. Afaik the 6.0 escalade hybrid does have it so wondering if safe to delete. TheAFMcylinders are opposite of one another in the firing order. Anyway, after some pushing and pulling I took it to the Dealer who sold it to me. Replace the cam or do the delete kit? Toyotas 5.7 is one of the biggest gas guzzlers among half-ton trucks. I am considering the same. They replaced all the lifters, said no other damage, problem lifters were on cylinders 6 and 7. I quites down to nothing after running for about a minute. There is a filter screen under the oil pressure sender that may be clogged and not getting enough oil to supply the solenoids. It has plenty of oil pressure and I put all new lifters in it. I wont bother with blocking the relief valve. $8500.00 fix. Cylinder Deactivation: What Is It and How Does It Help Save Fuel? Was thinking maybe I could trick the ruck into thinking the engine was not warmed up, however, this might cause some problems for other processes, such as mix ratio and timing. It actavated the lifter? All eight cylinders are now powering the engine. 8000 grand for the repair mine was 1,700.00 to repair, I had a 2004 small block v8(4.8) 331,000 miles on the truck,it was the usual on the maintenance front axles,etc. Troubles begin with Bean-counters decide on what can be used for production and engineers who arent Gear-Heads. This system was originally used in early 1980s Cadillacs. Seafoam with syn oil change only fixed for a week. I had privilege to work on some of that garbage they never did work . A lot more info with the ongoing GM 5.3l AFM engine issues on Cargurus. Its a simple and effective way to turn off the AFM system and provides the added bonus of improving exhaust sound. If I were to put a 2006 5.3L in a 2007 Avalanche and buy the unit to plug into my OBD2 port would it work? Most of the complaints show up in the 2009 to 2011 model years. Once the failure has occurred, the AFM shut off methods other than that probably wont work. Brian, I have been reading your article about the AFM. GM tried this on cadillacs about 20 years ago and if memory serves me correctly it was a disaster. Ive been reading, with disgust and concern of the lifter/cam situation. What if the pressure relief valve is stuck OPEN and the oil pressure never gets up to where it needs to be? I have a 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 with the 5.3. A 14 gmc 5.3 Sierra 85000 miles We are looking into the AFM Disabler option, but my question is- how do we know if a lifter is already bad or not? What type of ODBII gadget did you use? I asked my local Chevy dealer, from whom I purchased the engine, to find out why the oil pan lacked the fitting. Regards, It seems to me that the high volume oil pump should not hopefully cause premature wear but if it is pushing more oil through the heads than I guess the valve stem seals have more work to do. Why this happens is a more . The engine will switch to operating on fewer cylinders when cruising at a constant speed. I have a 2008 Buick Lacrosse super that I am having a hard time finding a tuner or a tune shop that can turn off the afm. The trucks are only supposed to use two four. I switched from gm to dodge in 1984, have had 3 1st gen Durango and 4 2nd gen Dakotas, all used, with impeccable reliability. Hi. I would. Many people find the four-cylinder sound annoying if their vehicle is equipped with a louder aftermarket exhaust. A 17 with 5.3. As we were installing the sensors prior to installation in the vehicle, we noticed that there was no fitting on the oil pan for the oil level sensor. My question is: do I install the electronic disabler on the new engine to avoid future issues? I didnt even think about AFM until I got to drivee it on the highway and encountered the 4 cyl syndrome. Getting 20 mpg in town and 24-28 mpg highway and love the truck now with these mild tweaks. There are two ways to disable or delete Active Fuel Management on your GM or Chevy Gen IV LS or LS-based Vortec engineone is to install an AFM Disabler, and the second is to install an AFM Delete Kit. Had nothing but trouble out of it. Sylinder one lost compression on my 09 5,3. Keith, were happy to help. With that said, the current global chip shortage has been affecting the industry on a wide scale, forcing production halt among several automakers. I bought a 2010 GMC Sierra 5.3L Truck in 2013 with 24K miles. Its job is to direct the flow of pressurized engine oil to the active fuel management intake and exhaust valve . I own a reputable repair shop. Would never take it on a long trip. The Oil pressure relief valve deflector added in Oct. of 2010 is small and its part number is NAL-12639759. Another General Motors 5.3L V8 Lawsuit Filed | GM Authority Problems regarding Chevy 5.3L engines ticking noise and misfire. If Problems regarding Chevy 5.3L engines, if the running compression of the misfiring cylinders stays below 25 PSI. Keith, sometimes they will only replace one lifter rather than the whole setIf thats the case, another lifter can fail again pretty quickly. The cherry on top is its not saddled with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) or Active Fuel Management (AFM) found on some Gen. 4 engines. What can I expect with the AFM in place, or, with AFM disabled (not deleted)? Hi Brian please help, yesterday after ice fishing was climbing a hill back home and check engine light flashed. Didnt really notice a loss in power other than the surging, (wondering if thats the engine trying to switch between 4 and 8 cylinders). Does the disabler prevent the engine damage in the first place? Last GM Ill ever buy unless its got a diesel. Vehicle has 40k miles been maintained well and shows no signs of lifter concerns at present. GM offers the following diagnostic steps in determining if this is the problem. Looking for another Toyota at this point to match my 1985 4 runner with 380.000 miles and no issues since new. []. so the trans fluid worked for you then? Took it to a shop and they advised that it could be due to the AFM system not functioning properly. The lifter came apart and chewed up the lobe on the cam Im selling it I also told my friend at work when he asked me about my truck .I said Ill never by another GM ever. I am trying to prevent same issue. Why cant you stop the send signals from the computer so that the solenoids dont open and the AFM system is never engaged? [], I have 2007 5.3 its a new motor this truck scares me 9000.00 these trucks are jokes It was in the late 70s or early 80s and it was a POS, Your memory serves you pretty well I too have the same nightmares lol. Is there any potential down-side to doing this in other words, might this do more harm than good? stalled in a certain way a warning wouldn be a bad idea. Regardless of the AFM solenoid being commanded on or off. There is a note in the TSB that states the bulletin doesnt apply to the LH6 used in the Rainier, Trailblazer, and Envoy due to a different design oil pan and AFM relief valve. Now Im here tring to figure out what to do. AFM Sucks!!! If you left the original cam in, the AFM cylinders will be down about 25 lbs. If you just crack it without it starting it moves all the time . One month to the day driving on the highway got the Service Stabiltrak message quickly followed by the misfire code. What if I was able to trick the computer into thinking it is in 5th gear when it is actually in 6th? How to Deactivate AFM, DFM, MDS, and Start/Stop To Prevent - Holley On the AFM lifters that dosnt work i have installed them With the oil hole Down! i just bought a 2018 Silverado with the 5.3 I just bought a 2015 5 3 17000 miles I was thinking about eliminating the 4-cylinder if I delete it with just the programmer will it hurt my motor? 2014 Chevy, GMC Pickups Recalled For Cylinder-Deactivation Issue misfire or anything. I have the towing package on my 13 Tahoe LTZ. AFMengines use special lifters for cylinders 1, 4, 6, and 7. Engine oil pressure is fine. Chevrolet Silverado 2014-Present: Common Problems You can reuse the original valley cover OR use a non-AFM valley cover, leave the harness connected, and tuck the solenoid pack away. Anyway that horrible experiment was in the late 70s early 80s along with those converted Diesel engines..those like the 8-6-4 nonsense were just terrible failures. Given maximum engine power is not required during the majority of everyday driving, AFM works to deactivate engine cylinders when they are not needed, such as when cruising on the highway, thus.