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Its not all things to all people all the time, and neither am I., According to her history, she has been trained as a spy and assassin. Theyre also creatures of action who dont mind taking on a leadership role if it means making a meaningful contribution. (See our Handmaids Tale article for a more in-depth discussion of adaptive personalities.). INTJs NEXT: 5 Reasons The Great Lakes Avengers Should Be In The MCU (and 5 why they shouldn't). Very well thought out. This goes hand-in-hand with a practical streak. He currently writes for Screen Rant, has written for Bloody Disgusting, hosts the Film School Sucked podcast, and co-hosts the Macabre podcast. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy. Tony lives all of these traits and more. INTJs face problems thoroughly, logically, and decisively. I really enjoyed reading your explanations for each personality type, and I'd love to see you do another MBTI post sometime! But some heroes embody these traits more than others. Iron Man's first movie may be his best, buthe's always been afigure who invites challenge and debate with good intentions. He doesnt seem to have any inclination toward losing himself in imagination or theory. I think it is because people do not quite understand INTJs, expecially more assertive versions of us (I am INTJ-A myself). I agree with most of ur typing but i believe Thor and Captain America are percievers. ESFJ or Consul Personality Type is the abbreviation for extraversion, sensing, feeling, and judgment. When theres a lively ensemble of characters introduced as the film progresses, the ESFJ can be seen approaching many of them open-heartedly, even making friends with them. Related: 25 Details About The Hulk Everyone Gets Wrong. According to the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality test, ESFJis one of the more common of the 16 personality types,accounting for 12% of the population. His Introverted Sensing manifests in how he constantly looks back to the past. ISFJs are extremely loyal, behind-the-scenes people. source; Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory. ESFP performers are typically known for their flair and energy, as well as unconventional style. On the other hand, its clear that his twin daughters and wife are a priority for him no matter how hectic his schedule gets. We have decided that Natasha Romanova, also known as the Black Widow, is a bit too complex of a character to type just based on what we know of her from the MCU movies. Flatmans not the smartest, and hes not the strongest, but he makes do with whats available to him. Captain America is also strong Fi user. Katy Perry, U.S. singer. It shouldn't be the least bit surprising that Black Widow would fall under the "Logistician" category. She had to go through traumatic experiences such as seeing her fathers head on a spike and falling in love with someone who turned out to be extremely cruel. She strives to make everyone around her happy and is very conscious of how her actions will affect others. ISFJ - Can lack courage if not supported by closed ones. source Tommy Lee, U.S. drummer. Heres a list of some more ESFJ musicians: A significant number of actors and actresses are ESFJs. Much like when Steve says in his letter to Tony he knows Tony is trying to do what is right and reapects that, Fi users believe concepts of right and wrong are personal definitions to be made rather than universal truths to be accepted. A fascinating and complex individual, at first glance she seems to exhibit clear behaviors of a Logistician personality type. She shows a wide range of emotions, even crying for other people when they cant get in touch with their own sadness. Watch the ISFJ / ISFP Star Wars Characters video above and let us know what you think in the video comments List of ESFJ / ESFP Star Wars Characters ESFJ: Jar Jar Binks Hera Syndulla Maz Kanata (Force Awakens) Shmi Skywalker (Anakin's Mother) ESFP: Wicket BB-8 (Force Awakens) Are you an ESFJ or ESFP? The Scariest Masked Killers In Horror Movies. Yes, the comic book action and interwoven stories are part of the charm, but the real selling points of this franchise are its relatable heroes. Everyone should be looking for a chance to say, We. Kelley Mack. Through her trials, she gains a strong sense of realism. They can easily take on the feelings and perspective of a character that theyre playing. Iron Man / Tony Stark - Turbulent Commander Captain America / Steve Rogers - Assertive Defender Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers - Assertive Entertainer Hawkeye / Clint Barton - Assertive Virtuoso The Hulk / Bruce Banner - Turbulent Logician Thor - Assertive Entertainer Ant-Man / Scott Lang - Turbulent Entrepreneur source Ray Charles, U.S. pianist and singer. Meanwhile, Daphne Bridgerton or Cersei Lannister exhibit how ESFJs are often dutiful extrovert characters. ", Related: X-Men Say It's 'Definitely Time' For A Storm Spinoff. ESFJs are known to be: Good listeners Kind Altruistic Sociable Well-organized Popular Diplomatic Conflict-averse Sensitive The ESFJ at work ESFJs carry their highly organized nature into the workplace, thriving where they have a consistent structure and routine. With all this in mind, Cap exudes the role of ISFJ. They like to make connection and often have an understanding of the world around them that other people don't have. They can quickly establish rapport with whomever theyre interviewing while keeping their audience entertained. He must either find himself or be forever separated from his own power. Demonstrating emotions through their words and body language comes easily to them. Organized, put-together, and constantly part of social events, shes a living example of an ESFJ who actualizes her artistic talents. Only someone calm, cool, and collected can take all that stress. ISFJs value the collective forces for good, and the inherent power of the individual. Like in civil war, he strongly advocates for personal choice and doing what an individual personally believes is right. Bucky's an empathetic character, not including the years when he was brainwashed by Hydra, while also being humble and more introverted making all of Bucky's traits similar to the ISFJ personality type. Thor values tradition. The flipside of this is that she also emphasizes kindness, generosity, and virtue. However, ESFJs as athletes place a lot of importance on the social aspect of their sport too. He also has to maintain his relaxation due to what happens when he gets angry. Her ability to understand them and provide the emotional support they need isnt really characteristic of a classic Logistician. Spidey is known to be full of life, joy, and relatability. ESFJs lead with a function called Extroverted Feeling (Fe, or "Harmony"). This can weigh heavily on them as it does for Wolverine. In fact, hes comfortable communicating with them on a personal level, talking about his feelings openly when its needed. But her idealism sometimes gets the better of her as it's not always practical. An ESFJ is someone with theExtroverted, Sensing,Feeling, and Judging personality traits. She is warm, affectionate and conscientious. As you may have already guessed, "Debaters" tend to be exceptionally fast thinkers. She isn't heartless, as I've seen her called before. Though their inward view of the world can alienate them from others, their critical lens is crucial to any team's success. He possesses the ESFJ talents of intuitively knowing how to act in social situations as well as inspiring others because of his strong sense of duty. Jennifer Garner is a good example of an ESFJ actress. Carrying on the tradition of the monarchy is a heavy responsibility. But actions speak far louder than language. She is an expedient and practical member of The Avengers who brings a grounded sense to even the most alien of circumstances. While they can be fun and upbeat around their friends and loved ones, they also have a strong moral code that theyll defend strongly, especially if it means protecting someone they care about. They may need a little time to get there, but once they love something or someone, they'll be there for them forever. 10 Cyborg Cyborg is a brilliant half-man, half-machine superhero whose courage gives strength to his allies, no matter how dire the situation becomes. List of ESFJ Fictional Characters Given below is a list of some great ESFJ Fictional Character: Molly Weasley: Harry Potter Petunia Dursley: Harry Potter Rabbit: Winnie the Pooh Esme Cullen: Twilight Margaret Hale: North and South Sam Dutton: The Perks of Being a Wallflower Effie Trinket: The Hunger Games Diana Barry: Anne of Green Gables Loved all of your analyses -- although it's interesting for Thor because I saw a Tumblr post about him apologising for smashing Izzy's mug that he accepts the different tradition (aka not smashing mugs when you want a refill) right away. They want to address problems in the most creative way possible, sometimes to their disadvantage. Headstrong, analytical, and witty. In anticipation of the April 2019 release of Avengers: Endgame, we gave free rein to our inner nerds and profiled several Avengers heroes. This might remind you of someone in your life, or maybe you yourself can relate? source. In fact, Winry took on the family tradition of being an automail mechanic so she can help others. In fact, he only seeks the spotlight when it serves his purpose as a guardian. Anyway, I took the test a while ago and I got ENFP. Here are some of the most popular ESFJ anime characters: (SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THOSE WHO STILL HAVEN'T WATCHED SOME OF THESE SHOWS! ISFPs are compassionate and concrete, often holding a strong moral compass. For example, when her ex-husband struggled with alcohol addiction, she accompanied him to rehab and continued to help him out even after they divorced. Fans around the world immediately identified with this new galactic hero. He's an honest and direct character who is calm and practical but sometimes, near the beginning of his character arc, was a little insensitive. The Superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Myers-Briggs Personality Types, 19 Fictional Mothers We Wish Were Our Own, Which Merlin Character Are You? Towards the end of his life, he went as far as giving away 90 percent of his wealth. He may initially eschew a desire to do good and help other people, but he succeeds wildly in having charisma, being charming and persuasive, and seeking glorious purpose. With that, we have but to add that shes pretty much focused on the here and now and somewhat on the immediate future. Like Wolverine, "Defenders" tend to be very loyal and hard-working. I know I didn't see this on my feed :/Also, look, I am Vision! RELATED:8 Actors Whose Careers Were Completely Changed By The MCU. Despite the unusual circumstances of his birth and how he was treated initially, Hercules has always wanted to fit in. Ann Takamaki. At first she is driven to live up to insurmountable expectations, and later she is driven to seek revenge for her earlier treatment. Bruce may be soft-spoken and peaceful, but when he sees the need to speak up, he'll do so. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, MBTI: 10 Marvel Superheroes Who Are ISFJs, 10 Things People Don't Know About Captain America's Origin, 5 Reasons The Great Lakes Avengers Should Be In The MCU (and 5 why they shouldn't). Finding new ways to do things or think about things is what they're best at doing, and this fits Tony so well. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Even in the world of fiction, ESFJ characters abound. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire is a psychological and personality profiling tool that many people use to gain insight into their preferences, world views, relationships, and career choices. Because if we cant protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure well avenge it!. Thor makes most of his decisions according to his feelings; he's often impulsive as a result. Power Mans history is a trip through the popular culture zeitgeist, shaping and being shaped by the social concerns of the time. You're not as cool as you think you are.