Rechargeable Silver-Zinc Batteries Will Soon Become the New Standard for Hearing Aids

Unlike many other modern portable electronic devices that are powered by rechargeable batteries, hearing aids still primarily use disposable batteries which require frequent replacement. Depending upon the severity of hearing loss and the frequency of use, today’s hearing aid batteries last 3-14 days. With the rapid penetration of wireless communications and device connectivity technology into new hearing aids, the frequency of battery replacement will become significantly greater in the coming years. The obvious solution to the problem is switching to rechargeable batteries. Until recently, rechargeable hearing aid batteries were only available using nickel metal hydride technology which is unable to provide enough energy to last a full day even for many hearing aids — even those without wireless communications capability. Increased battery energy, however, can be achieved by using more advanced technology, such as silver-zinc chemistry. In this white paper, the authors state their case for why ZPower silver-zinc batteries will become the next standard for hearing aids.

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