Presenting the Industry’s Highest Energy Density Microbattery.

Microbatteries That Power the Imagination.

At ZPower, we understand that smaller microbatteries can open up big possibilities for your product line. But size alone is not enough. Our silver-zinc technology provides a solution that’s energy-dense, safe, dependable and environmentally-friendly. You supply the vision. We’ll supply the power.

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ZPower Microbatteries

Quality and Compliance.

As the leader in rechargeable silver-zinc batteries, we’ve accumulated the certifications required by a wide variety of industries and applications, including complex medical and military applications.

Certifications - CE Certification, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, FDA – Registered Medical Device Establishment

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If you’re interested in exploring how ZPower rechargeable microbatteries can fit into your next product design, we invite you to try them out. Our silver-zinc batteries are ideal for a variety of applications where small size and high energy are critical. And, we have the ability to customize our cells to help you optimize size, energy density, charging time or other needs.

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