Our Warriors Deserve the Safest Equipment Available.

A Safer, Smaller Power Source for Warfighter Wearables.

A power source like Li-ion — which has the potential for combustion or fire — isn't ideal for any wearable. That's especially true of warfighter wearables that may encounter IEDs or combat situations. The eco-friendly, water-based chemistry of ZPower silver-zinc microbatteries poses no threat of fire. And these rechargeables offer long-lasting power in less space — which helps keep equipment and tactical gear smaller and less bulky.

Made in America and Fully Customizable. ZPower employee customizing a future product.

Made in America and Fully Customizable.

Our American-made rechargeable batteries are a superior choice for gear that is soldier-worn or carried by military personnel. This includes standard gear such as radios, HUD and GPS devices, as well as emerging solutions like next-generation night vision, augmented reality goggles and Nett Warrior systems. And, while offering standard-sized button cells, the ZPower team can work with you to design customized rechargeable microbatteries that fit your size and power specifications.

Proven Innovation with Proven Technology.

When you're outfitting America’s front lines, you can't afford to worry whether or not your suppliers can deliver on their promises. ZPower's been in the business of silver-zinc battery innovation for decades and has successfully manufactured millions of cells for hearable and wearable applications.

Proven Innovation. Two soldiers looking at the desert while two helicoptors flying over.

Key Benefits

  • Non-flammableNon-flammable
  • American-madeAmerican-made
  • Eco-friendly and recyclableEco-friendly and recyclable
  • More energy dense than Li-ionMore energy dense than Li-ion
  • Smaller, more compact sizeSmaller, more compact size
  • CustomizableCustomizable
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