May Is Better Hearing and Speech Month – Get Your Hearing Tested!

Hearing test for Better Hearing and Speech Month

This May, Make Better Hearing a Priority!

Each May, the American Speech–Language–Hearing Association (ASHA) sponsors Better Hearing and Speech Month in order to raise awareness for communication disorders. This year’s theme is “Communication: The Key to Connection.” And, while it goes without saying that being able to hear is a cornerstone of communication, the fact is, there are millions of people in the U.S. right now who suffer from hearing loss and do not have hearing aids.

According to research published in The Hearing Review, an estimated 11 million people in the population need hearing aids but don’t have them. The research has determined that most of these individuals have known about their hearing loss for an average of 12.4 years. There are variety of reasons why so many who need hearing aids don’t have them, but a primary factor is that people with moderate to severe hearing loss generally do not get their hearing tested; therefore, they don’t know, in quantifiable terms, the extent of their hearing loss. In fact, 46.3% of the Review’s survey respondents reported not being tested in at least ten years or since childhood.

This May, in honor of the 2017 Better Hearing and Speech Month’s theme, “Communication: The Key to Connection,” ZPower encourages all individuals who suspect their hearing is diminished to get tested by a certified hearing care professional. According to a study from the National Institute of Health, “The Impact of Hearing Loss on the Quality of Life of Elderly Adults,” undiagnosed hearing loss can have a direct negative impact on seniors, including emotional, behavioral and cognitive reactions ranging from isolation, loneliness and frustration, to withdrawal, to confusion, difficulty focusing and diminished self-esteem.

Optimal hearing health and good communication go hand in hand, and hearing aid manufacturers are working tirelessly to design hearing aids that provide a seamless hearing experience as close to natural hearing as possible. In fact, many recent technological developments, such as wireless streaming and phone connectivity, give hearing aid wearers a communication experience that is superior in capability to anything previously available.

And now, nearly every major hearing aid manufacturer will soon offer select products with ZPower rechargeable batteries built-in. This ensures that communication is never interrupted due to a dying battery. ZPower’s ability to provide all-day power improves the quality of life for hearing aid wearers because it reduces the stress involved in worrying whether or not the hearing aid might stop working at a critical moment during the day. Because the batteries are removable, wearers of ZPowered hearing aids also have the flexibility of changing out their rechargeable batteries for zinc-air disposables, if necessary. This gives the wearer options, along with the confidence of knowing that, if a battery issue occurs, it doesn’t mean the aid is rendered useless.

If you’re hearing isn’t what it used to be, we hope you will take that next step and get tested. The sooner you’re tested, the sooner you can get back to experiencing life to the fullest.

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