Hearing Tracker Survey Sheds Light on Consumer Preferences

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Testimonial

Last week we posted the results of a Hearing Tracker survey of 500 consumers and 100 hearing care providers that investigated what these groups want in a rechargeable hearing aid solution. The results reveal that both wearers and providers want rechargeable batteries for their hearing aids. But the results also show that there is some specific criterion that needs to be met before a rechargeable is perceived to have the capabilities necessary to be of real value to the wearer. In short, not just any rechargeable option will do.

With more choices than ever hitting the market soon, consumers and providers alike are faced with the challenge of determining which option best meets their needs. During the development of ZPower’s rechargeable system for hearing aids, we consulted with countless hearing aid wearers in order to design a product and technology compatible with the lifestyle requirements of the user. After reviewing the results of this most recent Hearing Tracker survey, we are pleased to report that our rechargeable solution is still absolutely in line with the needs of the majority of hearing aid wearers.

Here are some of the survey findings we found of primary importance:

People Want Options

Of survey respondents, 79% said that if their battery lost power during a time of use, they would prefer to use a disposable battery over charging their rechargeable system for 30 minutes. One respondent made the following comment to support this opinion: “I don’t have time to wait around for the battery to recharge – especially at work.” Another respondent said, “No one wants to put their life on hold for any length of time so a battery can charge.”

Full Day Power on a Single Charge

While survey respondents want the option of changing out their rechargeables for disposable batteries should the need arise, 85% declared that they would prefer to never have need of that option in the first place. These survey respondents rated the desire for a rechargeable battery solution that lasts for the entire day’s wear on a single charge as “very important.”

Users Don’t Want an Enclosed Unit

Some of the new battery technologies coming out include lithium ion battery chemistry, which packs a powerful charge, but can also be dangerous. To work around the danger factor and provide a long lasting rechargeable lithium ion solution for hearing aids, manufacturers are sealing the battery into the hearing aid. While this fix helps to bring down the potential problems associated with having a lithium ion battery worn on or in the ear, it also directly impacts wearers’ options should their battery die or malfunction during times of use. All a wearer can do in the event of battery failure is recharge — an effort that can take a minimum of 30 minutes. And if something were to go seriously wrong with the battery, the wearer would be without their aid until the problem can be fixed by their provider or the brand — a situation that could leave the wearer without their hearing aid for days or even weeks.

One survey respondent made the following comment: “I would like to be served with options. In case of failure of the rechargeable battery, I want to have the option to use the disposable batteries. I use hearing aids all the time and I prefer to always have a back [up] plan.”

green zpower charger

ZPower — It’s What Wearers Want!

The ZPower rechargeable system for hearing aids is easy, convenient and meets the practical, everyday needs of wearers.

  • Charging is simply a matter of dropping the aids into the charging station and leaving them there overnight.
  • The silver-zinc chemistry in a ZPower battery is water-based and 100% non-toxic, which means there is no need to seal the battery within the aid. This gives the wearer the option of changing out their rechargeable for a zinc-air disposable should the need arise. It also eliminates the need to travel with a charger and provides the freedom and confidence that comes with having a fast-acting back up power plan.
  • ZPower batteries are designed to provide dependable all-day, everyday power for today’s most technologically advanced hearing aids.

We’re proud to offer a product that is in line with the needs of our customers. Watch our video testimonials to see what actual ZPower users have to say about our rechargeable hearing aid system. Read the full survey here:

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Preferences