Healthy Hearing: The Latest Rechargeable Hearing Aids — Are They Right for You?

Those tiny silver batteries you have to keep buying and changing are the unsung heroes behind hearing aids. Without them, the best technology housed inside your trusty hearing aids can’t run. When they go dead unexpectedly, your hearing aids become nothing but expensive earplugs.

Oticon Opn Rechargeable

As unsung heroes sometimes are, hearing aid batteries are decidedly unexciting. While hearing aid technology advances quickly with exciting new features and capabilities every year, what powers it has stayed largely the same. But there has been innovation in one area, and that’s rechargeable hearing aids. If not having to buy disposable batteries frequently and handling those tiny batteries each day sounds appealing, rechargeable hearing aids might be just what you need.

ZPower Rechargeable System

In 2016, we told our readers about ZPower, game-changing creator of the ZPower Rechargeable System. In short, this innovative and award-winning system turns compatible hearing aids into rechargeable hearing aids. The system can be ordered at the time of a new hearing aid purchase or, if the hearing aids are compatible, it can be retrofit on existing devices. This system is a godsend for people who:

  • have dexterity issues (such as numbness in the fingers from diabetes) and have difficulty handling tiny batteries on a daily basis.
  • have vision loss that makes it hard to place batteries properly day in and day out.
  • are environmentally conscious and want to reduce the number of disposable batteries that end up in landfills.
  • find it inconvenient to repeatedly purchase batteries online, at drugstores or at their hearing care professional’s office.
  • wish to have their rechargeable hearing aid battery replaced by their hearing care provider just once each year.

Oticon Opn is a new rechargeable option

Rechargeable hearing aids aren’t new. What is new are more and better options for consumers who want the convenience of rechargeables. The latest hearing aid to add rechargeability to its already long list of advanced features is the Oticon Opn. Introduced in 2016, Opn boasts its patented BrainHearingTM technology to harness the brain’s natural ability to hear speech in noisy situations.

The sleek miniRITE (receiver-in-the-ear) design is popular among consumers for its comfort, versatility and ease of use. Now, it can be simply placed into its own ZPower recharging unit at bedtime with no need to even open the battery compartment. The Opn will stay powered for a full day’s use when it is charged overnight. For added peace of mind, the smart design also allows you to substitute regular disposable batteries, just in case you forgot to charge the instruments.

ZPower and the rechargeable Oticon Opn ensure that even when you gain the convenience of rechargeable hearing aids, you won’t have to compromise on sound quality or sophisticated features. You’ll still get the proven technology and great results Opn has become known for.

The choice is yours

Rechargeable hearing aids are convenient, easy to use and environmentally-friendly. The Opn from Oticon isn’t your only choice. The number of hearing aid manufacturers that offer rechargeability, either through their own system or through the ZPower Rechargeable System, is growing each year.

If you know you have hearing loss and that hearing aids could benefit you, don’t let what you’ve heard about conventional hearing aid batteries keep you from pursuing better hearing. The growing number of rechargeable options today mean there are even fewer reasons to put off this life-changing decision! Find a qualified hearing healthcare professional near you using our extensive directory, get an easy and painless hearing test and then talk to them about rechargeable hearing aids and if they are right for you.