Green Energy Products in Audiology: A Conversation

No question that we all can make a difference by reducing and managing our waste, using less energy, and by purchasing and sourcing more environmentally friendly products. Who knows, maybe we will start a new green energy products movement known as, “The Greening of Audiology.”

It is difficult today to open up a magazine or listen to the news and not hear the warnings of the dangers to our earth from toxins and pollutants. Regardless of your political persuasion, the science is clear that our climate is changing. While emissions from large industries around the globe are contributing to climate change it also is time, as a profession, to ask if there are changes in our lifestyles or practices that can make a positive environmental difference. In our own small ways, we may be contributing to global warming and, yet, there are strategies and policies we can adopt to make a difference and reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Taking these warnings and concerns to heart, three audiologists from different audiology work settings decided to share a discussion they had about the way audiologists can “go green” in their work settings and do our part to reduce the potential negative impact audiologists can have on the environment.