Make sure you have a life to begin with. That makes it sterile. Dont say you werent warned! I am no expert but I do use common sense when researching . Was looking for maps exactly like this since Russias new torpedo nukes can create 300ft radioactive waves. THE EARTHQUAKE WILL BE CAUSED BY AN ASTEROIDLOOK UP INFORMATION ON A GUY NAMED EFRAIN RODRIGUEZ. I had noticed you hadnt commented in weeks but I didnt realize I had overlooked a comment. My son, DIL, and new Granddaughter live in coastal N.C. only about 4 miles from the ocean. Would I be safe just heading to this spot instead of hopping on a westerly interstate thats most likely packed with other evacuees? Yeah even though I live in the mountains a nuclear meltdown would be really bad. 50 ft perhaps? they are blowing up the island the earth quakes are on a grid pattern . Just one other comment. Hundreds and hundreds of of fish, whales, sharks, turtles, ect beaching themselves with no explanation. Grain alcohol would be an excellent medicinal barter item. There are maps on the Internet that show population density. I am an engineer, have done risk studies, and worked on a tsunami inundation sensor network proposal one time. Im moving from the NJ shore to Charlotte NC in the summer of 17. How far inland can a tsunami travel? Im not able to relocate so I either need beer and a surfboard or a bug out barrel (saw an article). I live in a small town called Dorado, at the north of the island of Puerto Rico there is a valley and then some small mountains 100` but my dad is in a wheelchair and weights 200. I live in Pleasantville N.J. NEAR ATANTIC CITY SHOULD I MOVE FURTHER AWAY, You should take a trip to somewhere off the East Coast. In his opinion, there will be very few places to survive the days of the pole shift. Thank you Jesus! The key is to prepare for the unknow. Sugarloaf mountain is on the southwest shore of lake Apopka twenty miles west of Orlando. -One never knows with this regime. A volcano has erupted on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma, prompting unfounded fears that a so-called mega-tsunami could be headed to the East Coast of the United States. Just a question. At the most, we will have a twelve hour notice. It will depend on what part of the UK which you reside in at the present time. Please shoot me an email as my search for answers will continue. Anonymous Will I be safe in Charlottetown, P.E.I. Little nervious. Are you still in NJ? It doesnt show it on the above maps because they are too far west in the map. Also look at a map and see how the coastline curves along east coast, this will concentrate the effects of a wave. Fill up your car with gas NOW. Near the very end, Wood is outrunning the water and you can get an idea of how much momentum the incoming water loses as it encounters the convolution of mountains and valleys. Many prophecy watchers, including myself, are convinced that a tsunami is likely for the East Coast USA sometime in the future. of past events like that, every 300 years, describes a 200-300 ft tsunami along the coast close to the fault. It would be bitchin to see it happen. Some will cause massive amounts of damage on a biblical scale. Ive heard weeks to 60 days to effect a shutdown. I moved to North Florida months ago and with sound advanced warning, I think I will be able to get out more safely and quickly than say if I still lived in Sarasota where I came from. Being aware of your own geographical risks is the first step recognizing that there IS as risk. Bible said woe to those on the coast in last days. Or 1 Mile inland. You must have missed the following statement in the article above, which reads as follows: Not the expected distance a 300 foot tsunami would actually travel. Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion ofEurope, POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not BeSilenced,,,, Pastor Paul Begley Says Asteroid Impact News is Soft Disclosure of Future Event | END TIMES PROPHECY, Follow END TIMES PROPHECY on My daughter live in AZ is she going to be safe with my grandsons? Even if Im at the beach were I work as a ranger, I could walk to a place 300 above sea level in 5 hrs. I would guesstimate that if you live within 20 miles of the coast, you may be vulnerable to a Canary Island event. No packed bags necessary for that trip. Its Sunday October 31 2021. Yes and no. Also, the maps indicated here are purely elevation maps. Revenge of the Guanches.. Will it come up to Tennessee or Tallhassee and do I need to go up further to a mountainous region,because were trying to do our first time Homestead and we are not running from God by far it is the ppl,. If you are informed of a tsunami, the best way to escape is. Prayers for all that this stuff calms down instead of ramping up. I am in Nokomis Fla , although its not mentioned , I do see many more sinkholes , the earth is expanding ..we see this in the earths plates ,looking back in history ..this has caused tsunamis . Im seeking His face & holy spirit to talk to me about this. Of course at the 225 300 guages we are all underwaterbut one can hope I pray who ever reads this, it is not too late for you to pray to God to come into your heart today! I know this is a year and a half after your comment, but I just have to say that you wont get any immediate information from the media. Anyone on the coastlines will be underwater.. Does anyone have any info on that? The Bahama bank runs for hundreds of miles and is 8-15 deep in places, That and the islands would certainly slow down any wave heading to south Florida from Palm Beach to Miami. Something even better than the jab and quicker. Whether still ruled by the wealthy elite who originally purchased them or by their guards, who have little reason to remain loyal to their original masters, the local farming community will be pressed into service, with great brutality. (LogOut/ Just a guess, with the bibles numbering system, that the quake would be at least a mag 10. I thought maybe you were referring to the boxes the guy was loading up onto his boat at the beginning. Just tie a boat to your 2nd floor window and you should be fine. Isaiah 24:1 Behold, the Lord lays the earth waste, devastates it, distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants., Job 9:5-6 It is God who removes the mountains, they know not how, When He overturns them in His anger; Who shakes the earth out of its place, And its pillars tremble., Psalms 46:2 though the earth should change and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea., Revelation 21:1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, nd the earth will be shaken from its place.. Regularly tsunamis travel at the speed of a airplane 500-600 miles per hour and once its over the ocean water will reseed. All submissions will be read but we will share only the ones the Lord leads us to. The thing is, that it COULD happen, but it may not happen in our lifetimes. I guess 40 wont help in a 300 wave correct? Ive found in the last year that other people have had similar dreams with tsunamis. I wonder what kind of expertise/training you have? and there is imminent danger..person says they are contracted to do job there and the Tsunami boys all but one are either not working or defective if on the east coast you should read the article. When the speed of the wave approaches zero, the wave breaks, much of its energy is released, and it will not go too much further. A wave needs energy to traverse each foot of land crosses. Gee, you mean that Joe Bidens green new deal wont stop the Tsunami? We get a glimpse of what it would be like when hurricanes hit damage wise. THERE IS GOING TO BE A 1000 FOOT WAVE AS THE RESULT OF AN EARTHQUAKE OFF THE COAST OF PUERTO RICO. The world would be uninhabitable. created by a passing orbit of Planet X. I understand this thing is much larger than our planet and is dragging several moons, along with meteors in its tail. Check out some vids from the last Japan tsunami, posted one behind this, should show up soon, Read more Print length 211 pages Language English Publication date July 23, 2020 Dimensions 6 x 0.48 x 9 inches ISBN-13 In Japan 19,000 lives were lost, 1.2 million buildings damaged and the wave was 133 feet. T]K!aP 7sch#!w#W"#_s\l%l )Y6^%8aeqz||SoisJZ'=;<1f*L?{f So I live in ga riverdale ga like the south side moved here 5 years ago and started having these wave dreams will ga be flooded Im 15 minutes away from downtown Atlanta and 30 minutes away from stone moutain. Michelle, A weak wave, say 35 to 45 feet would devastate a lot in Florida, but not the whole of the state; but, from reviewing the map(s), anything near 75 feet or over, ALL of Florida will be effected, even North Florida up into southern Georgia. Im near the coast in Ivoryton and we have Bushy Hill Mountain a 1 hr hike away and a few other mountains nearby above 300ft sea level. Should we in Central Tx move towards the Appalacians? You failed to mention your own state also. I dont feel the Lord moving me to do anything about this impending doom. The time is now to prepare for these things that are coming upon the Earth. Well in a sense these people may be OK but however, cities near you that got hit would overcrowd your area of different kinds situations like more people, more crime. How does ANYBODY think they have the right to keep a Tsunami from destroying property and killing people!!! Almost certainly in the type of tsunami event considered in this blog many plants would not be able to shutdown or contain the consequences.,,, [ Also, ]. How bad ? Its about to blow! 0 views, 1 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from The Prophecy Club: 4 New Dreams, Earthquake & Tsunami 03/02/2023 The Bible teaches us that "In the mouth of two or three. Thank you. A decades-old theory has resurfaced online after a volcanic eruption on a Spanish island that caught the world's attention. I recall that 200 300 feet were exemplified. Presumably this will have a knock on effect for the whole world? Its physics. I live in Paulsboro NJ!!! There are 1.5 million people just in Suffolk County. :-), Yes, because you need to get off the island regardless of the issues. If one was large enough and it was within a couple of thousand miles of you though, you would not have to worry about a wall of water, for you would be incinerated first. You can go west to New Jersey. There are just too many people prophesying an event. I live in Greenville NC about 70 miles inland and about 375 elevation. I recently had a dream and in it Jesus directing a lot of people to a mountain top. Both could go in an eruption separate from each other which if done soon after one the other could potentially go even further inland depending on water already there at time. YOULL swim with the fish. Last year 2018 the Lord answered that question and we are moving to WV. 2 0 obj Time to repent and get your life right with God. Yes, I believe we are but there will be no rapture on September 23 and when the SHTF is anybodys guess. I read that the Fault is over 700 and one article states over 800 miles long. 2 hour warning to evacuate to where? Should I be concerned? Ok after reading the article and a few of the comments I noticed that most were talking about the tsunami caused by the Cumbre Vieja Volcano in the Canary Islands would only be 300 ft. however after viewing the Worlds Worst Disasters Season 1 Episode 7, and doing some personal research I found that the 300 ft is no where near the actual calculations of the tsunamiit would be a lot closer to 2000-3000 ft high. Subsequent preparedness might involve the basics, like having a plan and/or an evacuation plan. It looked sadly up at me and turned to continue walking south past me. All I'm saying is, those are the possible interpretation of the many prophecy sources listed here in this entry. How would this affect Baltimore, Maryland? Its elevation is greater than 300 feet and there is a ridge in this same area that has elevations in the 200f range. Though the further inland, better odds. I am a prepper and do my best with that. Most of which will consume you if you let it, life is too short. It stood in front of me and I saw the sun seating upon its crest and I felt as if my spirit melted of terror inside me. There are too many people with gut feelings that something is about to happen to just not prepare. I also worry about our government and the way they would handle things after. If you are talking Charlotte or anywhere in the Piedmont area, Ive seen models Charlotte being covered in water. JT I have heard folks say we need to be west of Blue Ridge parkway. silver fox says: William Branham prophesied that the west coast would have an earthquake that would kill millions. Indeed. New York, Boston and Miami could all be struck by the monster wave, while Central and South American tourist hotspots like the Bahamas, Barbados and Trinidad . Im about 4 hours from Charleston??????????? Opinions vary regarding the height of the tsunami and range from 60 feet, to 300 feet, and even higher than that as it rolls up the shoreline of the East Coast of the United States and elsewhere. He will be your only safety during this event. Could you send me a better view on the myrtle beach coast line I am about 28 miles inland from the beach. Wherever once relocates to must have adequate rainfall and clean accessible water for not only drinking but raising crops and livestock. his Latin name St. Columba): . The once you cross you are on another peninsula that will take how long to flood? Dan, The Bahamas are flat. But this article and watching the footage of people stranded on the hospital roof in Minamisanriku, is going to motivate me to make an emergency backpack for any disaster that may strike. EDIT (2022-02-15): Since we're now getting prophecies about tsunamis that are NOT the big one, I've decided to include them here as well. Ms, Lousiana, ditto. PLUS the bible will tell you about global warming and heat. The US Navy has drawn up Flood Maps showing where we will lose roughly about 150 Miles of our Coast Lines around the USA. I know we are supposed to not worry as believers and trust that Jesus has saved us by his loved poured out for us on the cross, which I believe, praise God!! Single mother on the coast . Though only 15 mi from the coast the bulk of the water would have to travel 25 or 30 mi, or surmount large obstacles. Praying that other folks are doing this too. I found this article while searching today for information regarding the possibility of an asteroid hitting the ocean near Puerto Rico in September of this year. People get set and thats where they are. PROPHET EFRAIN RODRIGUEZ - PUERTO RICO / SANTO DOMINGO, ASTEROIDE / TSUNAMI, ENGLISH DUBBED Rico Convention Centerhttp://www. NY is doomed economically politically and if there is a true mega emergency it will be violent chaos. Like LOTS of people are having dreams and visions. Nothing. Be prepared but not for a flood (yet). The best thing I can say is pray that you and yours are safe..and if help is needed by your fellow man or neighbor, help them. Especially when it comes to natural disasters. Hi Olivia.. we live in Daytona too; get in touch, be good to talk. I am in Langhorne. Theyre predicting some activity there in the near future. If the tsunami is that bad your not safe up there, I dont know if I would want to survive it. If the west coast get hit, it would most likely be caused by an earthquake. Theres a nuclear power plant close by so it may not matter anyhow. I live a little ways north of Tampa (Pasco County specifically). I live in East Orange New Jersey and am a little frightened because of the close proximity to NYC. As afraid as I was of dying & the lava. Maybe go camping for a few days? or not happen. No 6 hour warning. Submarine launched cruise missiles along the coast, 10 minute warning. Dont you dare say GLOBAL WARMING. ITS BS! I live in Jacksonville Beach, FL, which is a barrier island. And we do not want to be in a crowded city for many logical reasons . My coworker is from Philippines and there community is telling each other to take there money out of the 401k now and shes warning me of everthing that they are saying in there community. We are in Fayetteville N.C and with the Cape Fear River here, a tsunami would definitely add energy with the rover and I think the sandhills would be underwater quite a bit. I wish I had a boat cause I would get across the Delaware river as quick as I could and would go straight to the poconos or state forest and hide out. Thanks for the blog and maps. Im only about 12 miles from the coast. My mind is kinda blown. East Coast . If youre concerned about family get them to move too, if they wont then good luck to them. There is no way to tell how high/ inland a tsunami in this size would be. But Im prepared just in case. The devastation was unlike any other ive ever seen, I heard the cries and gnashing of teeth all the way up as high as the eagles eye view. Heres a list of Floridas highest places (first link). My entire life I have dreamed of being killed by a giant wave. I have had many dream in recent months where I was going from door to tell telling people to stack up on water, non perishable food, flash lights and candles. Some years ago I had a dream where I saw myself standing in front of the Atlantic ocean contemplating its grandeur and admiring natures beauty. I currently live in NC and have been dreaming of huge waves or water coming in as far as Chapel Hill. Long term drought leads to terrible losses of soil microbes for nitrogen fixation. Gas question. It is their mutual orbit that causes them to cross a plane every 12k in a 24k orbit (into an oppositely polarised field), that corresponds with Earths cataclysmic cycle. My family and I live in Seattle sofingers crossed. The comet has broken up into thousands of pieces (big and small) as it went around the sun two days ago due to the extreme heat and pressure. Hi, did anyone ever answer your question? I packed a bag for myself and my kids and i am prepared to evacuate if necessary. Makes sense just trying to find sources and data. Surfs up bro! Joe Biden would tell everyone to remove any glasses they were wearing, remove all sharp objects from their pockets, bend over. Scientists are puzzled by its formation because it appears to be made up of several segments. Sigh! Or am I wrong? I have dreams that come true often. Someone told me that the other day and told me to run. Yes I read something like that as well-that our powers that be placed some kind of bombs under the sea floor near tetonic plates under japan. If they do start shutting them down, that.would be a.go sign. This is the culmination of dreams, prophesy and predictive programming. The Warren area specifically. the Lord has guided me to where i am now through His grace, and i thank Him for it every day. Please answer me if possible, as I am doing everything possible to prepare for my family and neighbors. You can read the interesting chapters here:, Maybe theres a PDF of the whole book somewhere. I live in charleston sc Im confused by the data on the map. But again BRAINWASHED, we dont see it and DONT believe it. Science, as determined by humans, is more mistake prone than the manufacturing processes in Lada factories! The bible says 1/3rd of the sea will be destroyed. Sequenced quakes look to be Manmade and that should be a Huge Wake-up Call. 80% of the World, about 8 Billion People now, lives by the Ocean. etc etc etc. I estimate the cost to be $100 max. If its Gods will, I would rather be alive doing Gods work than drowning. As with any oncoming disaster, TIME is your best friend. Maybe im finished at last. Thanks for your insights. Even the Vatican is in alert pointing their telescopes at the skies. Ward. The NWS National Tsunami Warning Center (NTWC) and coastal NWS Weather . Change). If you can get to Canada you may be safe for awhilebut, the plagues in Revelation will still reach you , no matter where on earth you are. Wade,I suggest you watch some YouTube videos of the tsunami that hit Japan. hi, im a high school student in my final years i am doing a physic assignment i need to know how you calculated the distance a tsunami travel in land please if you could tell me. Would the mid-Atlantic Ridge play any part in decreasing the energy of a Tsunami from the Canary Islands? which will give way to all of that water; if that happens, Florida is gone forever. I have always attributed my dreams of tidal waves or tsunamis as being indicators of my psychological distress, e.g. You are right, I will be exactly where HE wants me. AMEN! If you have ANY doubt then move!!! I live in hinesville Ga right by Ft Stewart, is this far enough away from the coast worst case scenario?