Battery Capacity, Battery Density and the State of Rechargeables for Today’s Hearing Aids

the hearing review

On August 22, The Hearing Review published an article by ZPower’s very own resident PhDs Barry Freeman, Jeff Ortega and Ross Dueber. This informative article promotes the understanding of how batteries work with thorough explanations of the differences between battery capacity and battery density. It details why this information is important — now more than ever — in evaluating rechargeable hearing aid batteries, and it examines each battery technology to see how they perform in real-world applications, particularly how these chemistries meet the challenge of providing all-day wireless streaming power.

The article analyzes the battery capacities, densities and safety issues that come with the various rechargeable hearing aid battery options currently available. The battery chemistries included in this review are nickel metal hydride, lithium-ion and, of course, ZPower’s own silver-zinc.

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The Hearing Review – What’s the State of Rechargeable Batteries for Hearing Aids