We Have Seen the Future, And It Is Small.

The Demand for Miniaturization.

Today, there is a spiraling market demand for devices to provide more features and benefits, while offering compact size and reliable performance. From hearables and wearables, to complex medical and military equipment, ZPower high-energy density microbatteries are made for manufacturers that live in this environment.

Applications & Markets

Re-energize Your Product Development Team.

OEMs are often surprised by the degree of innovation enabled by ZPower. Because our products are safe and chemically stable, you're able to jettison the protective components that Li-ion batteries require. In addition, you aren't tied to specific sizes of batteries; our team can work with you to develop microbatteries whose dimensions and density are customized to fit your vision and your specification.

We also offer a number of testing and design capabilities to help you get from "massive idea" to mass production.

ZPower battery