Do You Have Questions About Your ZPower Rechargeable Batteries? We’ve Got Answers!

Questions About Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority here at ZPower, and as more and more people begin to use ZPower rechargeable batteries and the rechargeable system for hearing aids, we’ve had some users contact us with questions regarding the batteries, the charger and how to care for the system.

Below, we’ve listed some of the latest questions and answers regarding our batteries. If you don’t see the information you’re looking for, head on over to our Ask the Expert page, where we have even more answers to frequently asked questions, plus a form that you can fill out if you don’t see the information you’re looking for.

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Question #1

How often should I charge ZPower rechargeable batteries?

The batteries should be fully charged every night. Once the hearing aids are finished charging, the indicator lights turn from blinking green to solid green. A full charge may take up to seven hours – the charge time varies based on how much the battery was depleted during the day. Do not try to extend battery life by charging every other day, as this increases the chances of depleting the battery. A fully depleted battery will take longer to charge and may not fully charge in time for the next use.

Question #2

What happens if I accidentally put a disposable hearing aid battery in the charger?

When the hearing aids are put on the charger, the charger will check to see what type of battery is in the hearing aids. If the charger detects a disposable-zinc air battery, the lights on the charger will turn red. If the charger detects a silver-zinc battery, the lights on the charger will start blinking green; once the battery is fully charged, the lights will turn solid green.

Question #3

What do I do if I forget to charge my hearing aids at night?

You can use disposable zinc-air batteries until it is convenient to re-charge the batteries – ideally the rechargeable batteries should be charged the next night. The rechargeable silver-zinc batteries are a gold color, so they will not be mixed up with zinc-air disposable batteries. The rechargeable batteries should be stored in a safe place and should not be stored with metal objects such as keys or coins.

Question #4

Where can I purchase ZPower rechargeable batteries for my hearing aid?

ZPower batteries are now a built-in option for many of today’s most popular hearing aids from the industry’s top brands. ZPower batteries are also available as a retrofit option for several hearing aid styles. For a complete list of brands and for links providing more information, visit the ZPower Hearing How to Buy page by clicking on the link below.

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